Veles International Limited is a Cyprus-based subsidiary of one of the leading investment companies in Russian Federation, IC Veles Capital LLC, specializing in traditional brokerage and asset management services. From 2006, we offer our clients access to all major international stock exchanges and emerging markets and provide tailored investment strategies.

IC Veles Capital LLC is a fast growing highly diversified independent investment company that has been offering a broad range of asset management and brokerage services in the Russian securities market since 1995.

Risk Notice to Clients
Any investment in financial instruments entails risks, the degree of which depends on the nature of each investment. The value of any investment may increase or decrease in value and investors may lose all of their invested capital. In case of leveraged financial products, loses may even be more than the initial invested capital.



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Attention of clients and partners! New office address since November 9, 2012
Veles International announces that since November 9, 2012 
the registered and business office address will be changed to 
Kennedy, 23 GLOBE HOUSE, 5th floor 1075, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Please note that all telephone / fax numbers and e-mail addresses will remain the same.