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Veles Capital is the leader of the October 2018 Moscow Exchange corporate bond market ranking

The Company was ranked the first among the leading operators of the Moscow Exchange corporate bond market with the transactions volume of 44.3 billion rubles in October 2018. For ten months, the turnover has reached 646.8 billion rubles constituting around 12% of the total transactions volume on Moscow Exchange corporate bond market.

Veles Capital was named the sixth in the ranking by client transactions turnover that reached 698.9 billion rubles and indicated growth of 72% as compared with the last year’s results (the 9th position and 405.4 billion rubles turnover).

Federal loan bonds transactions turnover, including internalizing activity, exceed 22.9 billion rubles, which ensured Veles Capital’s 10th position in the Moscow Exchange ranking.

The company also won the 19th position in the ranking by total volume of shares and fund units trading amounting to 22.9 billion rubles.

Additionally, Veles Capital was awarded with the 5th position by turnover of client transactions on the Moscow Exchange currency market according to the October results. The Company was included in the list of leading operators of the ruble-dollar sector and was ranked the 15th with the trading volume of 202 billion rubles and the yearly growth of   340%. The Company was also included in the list of top ten operators of the euro-ruble sector with the volumes of SPOT and SWAP trades having reached 73 billion and 361 billion rubles respectively.

The total Moscow Exchange monthly trading volume reached 78.1 trillion rubles in October. All markets demonstrated positive dynamics as compared with the same period of 2017: stock market (55.7% growth), derivative market (28.8% growth), money market (14.9% growth) and foreign exchange market (11.4% growth).

The full version of the Moscow Exchange statistics disclosure materials in relation to the equity and currency markets is available at the Moscow Exchange web site.

Veles Capital is one of the oldest investment companies in Russia. It was founded in 1995 and has been managed by Dmitry Bugaenko and Alexei Gnedovsky since then. Veles Capital is one of the few Russian investment companies obtaining an international credit rating issued and confirmed by S&P at the level "BB-/B" with stable outlook in the December 2017. In the same year the company was assigned a credit rating of the Expert RA national rating agency at the level of RuA+ with stable outlook.


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