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Any investment in financial instruments entails risks, the degree of which depends on the nature of each investment. The value of any investment may increase or decrease in value and investors may lose all of their invested capital. In case of leveraged financial products, loses may even be more than the initial invested capital.

Board of Directors

The personnel team is a primary factor of Veles International success and development. The personnel policy has allowed to generate a united team of professionals.

Ganna Dotsa

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

joined the Veles International Limited in February 2007, firstly holding the position of Deputy CEO / Chief Accountant with oversight responsibility for finance, and then in 2009, promoted to General Manager of Veles International Limited....TO READ IN FULL

Dmitry Bugaenko

Non-executive Director

is a 100% owner of Veles International Limited and, currently, non-executive director representing the owner’s interests in the Board. Mr. Bugaenko holds specialist University degree in Economic Cybernetics....TO READ IN FULL